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Bearing Away
isbn 1-905174-23-3
ean 9781905174232
The basic phonics programme for pupils with complex learning difficulties
Bearing Away is designed for pupils who haven't made a start at learning to read—pupils who can't even remember simple letter sounds.
It combines elements from the earliest stages of our reading and spelling programmes, and is used with our new Multi-sensory cards. All exercises are highly multi-sensory, and they are almost impossible to fail. The amount of over-learning built into Bearing Away is awesome, but it never gets boring—there are 18 different kinds of exercise. It should be used for 10 minutes every school day.
Like our other programmes, Bearing Away works on the "can-do" principle: when children are getting things right, they become much more enthusiastic learners. Built-in mastery tests at frequent intervals and continuous review ensure pupils are always working at the right level and that newly-learnt skills are not forgotten.
When pupils have completed Bearing Away, they will be able to read and spell simple CVC words, and they will know the digraphs 'sh', 'ee' and 'ar'. They will then be ready to start on our normal programmes, Bear Necessities and Apples and Pears.
Sample pages: Half of the writing is upside down!!! This is intentional. You should ALWAYS sit opposite your pupil when you are using Bearing Away. You need to be able to see when they are confused, so you can step in right away and show them what to do before they make an error and lose confidence.
The "multi-sensory cards" are similar to the textured letters used by Mme Montessori. They are plastic tiles with engraved letters that pupils trace with their fingers.




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