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Dancing Bears Book A Dancing Bears A cover
ISBN 9781905174324
Dancing Bears Book A starts with Decoding Power Pages consisting of carefully-structured word lists of simple three-letter words, such as hot and can. Common, unambiguous digraphs—ee, ar, sh—are introduced very quickly to prevent children becoming fixated on one-letter-one-sound.

Less predictable spelling patterns and common irregular words (I, you, he, me, the) are introduced at a controlled rate in simple sentences with plenty of multi-sensory practice.  After the pupil has developed good basic decoding skills—these are introduced with our cloze sentences, which are designed to be amusing and instructive (later on, they play a big role in teaching vocabulary). Timed readings are used to encourage fluency.

The new 6th edition includes a selection of 'Bear Markets'—micro-dramas for two or three voices—that were so popular when we first introduced them Bear Necessities.

There are two series of stories to maintain interest—"Tim the Dim Cop" starts in Level 1, and "Froid, the Pet Snail" starts in Level 3. Each episode gives more sustained practise of a new spelling pattern. Meanwhile, advanced flashcards—with less frequent digraphs and spelling patterns—are introduced to prepare the pupil for Dancing Bears Book B.

Dancing Bears Book A teaches a wide range of one-syllable words, including consonant blends. This final page of cloze sentences will show you what a child should be able to read upon completion of this book.

By using a cursor, children are taught to scan from left to right—this eliminates the need for coloured overlays or tinted lenses. Old material is constantly reviewed, so nothing is ever forgotten.

Instructions are given for teaching the flashcards—which are used at the start of each session to teach children instantaneous recognition of simple letter sounds and unambiguous digraphs (e.g., ee, ar, th, oi).




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