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PLEASE NOTE: Flashcards are included with Bearing Away, Bear Necessities A1, Dancing Bears A and Fast Track—you do not need to purchase them separately unless you want extra sets.
If you would like to print extra sets yourself, you can down load the PDF HERE
£3 each
Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£2.40 each)

See inside
Confidence Builders I-V
ISBN 978-1-905174-27-0
Mixed pack of 5 entry-level graded decodable readers designed for use with Bear Necessities, Danci
ng Bears or any whole-class synthetic phonics programme. A mixture of genres; poetry, short stories, dramas and quizzes—something to capture the imagination of every child.
£19.50 each
Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£15.60 each)
Bearing Away
ISBN 978-1-905174-23-2
The basic phonics programme for pupils with complex learning difficulties...more
£22 each
Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£17.60 each)
Bearing Away Starter Pack
The Starter Pack comprises one copy of 'Bearing Away' and a set of 28 multi-sensory engraved plastic tiles in a wooden box.
You will need one Starter Pack per school and one copy of 'Bearing Away' for each pupil.
£75 each
Bear Necessities A1
ISBN 978-1-905174-24-9
This is the "industrial strength" version of Dancing Bears A, designed for Reception (Kindergarten) pupils who have not yet begun to read, and for older pupils with severe learning difficulties. Progress to Bear Necessities A2...more
£16 each

Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£12.80 each)

Bear Necessities A2
ISBN 978-1-905174-21-8
Follows on from Bear Necessities A1...more
£16 each
Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£12.80 each)
Dancing Bears A
NEW Sixth Edition
ISBN 978-1-90574-32-4
Suitable for 6- and 7-year olds who are just beginning to read, and for older pupils with reading ages of less than 7 years. Progress to Dancing Bears B...more
Dancing Bears B
ISBN 978-1-905174-12-6
Follows on from Bear Necessities A2 or Dancing Bears A. Develops word attack skills for longer words. Suitable for all ages--progress to Dancing Bears C...more
Dancing Bears C
ISBN 978-1-905174-19-5
Advanced decoding skills. Suitable for pupils older than 7 years....more
Dancing Bears Set
Dancing Bears A
Dancing Bears B and
Dancing Bears C
Fast Track AB
ISBN 978-1-905174-11-9
Suitable for pupils with reading ages of between 7 and 9 years. This is a condensed version of Dancing Bears A and Dancing Bears B. Suitable for all ages—pupils progress from Fast Track to Dancing Bears C...more
Fast Track Set
Fast Track Book AB and
Dancing Bears Book C
See inside
Apples & Pears A
Teacher's Notes
NEW Third Edition
ISBN 978-1-905174-25-6
Cannot be used without Workbook A
This is the appropriate level for absolute beginners...more
£18 each


Apples & Pears A
ISBN 978-1-905174-37-9
Cannot be used without Teacher's Notes A
Compatible with both the second and third editions
Apples & Pears B
Teacher's Notes
isbn 1-905174-13-6
ean 9781905174133
Cannot be used without Workbook B
Extends the morphemic strategy, teaching the pupil why we drop the 'e' from 'hope' when we write 'hoping', but not when we write 'hopeless'...more
Apples & Pears B
isbn 1-905174-14-4
ean 9781905174140
Cannot be used without Teacher's Notes B
Apples & Pears C
Teacher's Notes
isbn 1-905174-15-2
ean 9781905174157
Cannot be used without Workbook C
This level teaches children why we change the 'y' to 'i' in 'studies', but not in 'studying'. The emphasis now changes to words of Greek and Latin origin...more
Apples & Pears C
isbn 1-905174-16-0
ean 9781905174164
Cannot be used without Teacher's Notes C
Apples & Pears D
Teacher's Notes
isbn 1-905174-17-9
ean 9781905174171
Cannot be used without Workbook D
At this stage, the pupil will progress very rapidly. More importantly, the continued use of the morphemic strategy will enable the pupil to remember new spelling much more easily...more
£18 each

Apples & Pears D
isbn 1-905174-18-7
ean 9781905174188
Cannot be used without Teacher's Notes D
£12.50 each

Pack of 5 for the price of 4
(£10 each)

Apples & Pears Set
One copy of each of the Apples & Pears Teacher's Notes and Workbooks A to D
£100 per set


endper set




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