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The Apples and Pears spelling series:
(Suitable for pupils who can't spell, or with spelling ages of less than 9 ˝ years) This programme can be used with groups of pupils who are well-matched for spelling age, or it can be used for individual tuition. Unlike Dancing Bears and Fast Track, more advanced pupils do not need to start at the beginning. Placement tests are included in the product descriptions.

Each level of Apples and Pears consists of a reusable Teacher's Book, and an expendable Student Workbook. Multiple copies of the workbooks can be purchased if you are teaching pupils in groups (groups should be closely matched for spelling age). The Teacher's Book consist of detailed instructions for each exercise. These are very simple to use—even dyslexic parents can use them successfully.
PLEASE NOTE: The Student Workbooks CANNOT be used without the Teacher's Book.
Unlike our reading materials, which must be started from the beginning, Apples and Pears can be started at any level. The appropriate level can be determined by testing the pupil with the keys words provided at each level.
With each order of Apples and Pears, we will include a Series Guide. The Series Guide is very simple, but it should be read carefully. In most cases, we recommend starting Apples and Pears as soon as the teacher and pupil are comfortable with Dancing Bears or Fast Track. However, pupils who have no trouble reading may start Apples and Pears immediately.
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